When the Town was Overrun by Demonic Space Kitties

When the town was overrun by demonic space kitties, people mostly just took videos to post on the internet; overall, the body count was very low. Sure, some of the more religious neighbors were concerned—the cats were demons from space after all—and the religious folks were still suffering from those old ideas that regular cats could suck the breath out of infants’ bodies while they slept, so that was a problem. When it became clear the demonic space cats couldn’t be exterminated entirely, the town’s church elders designed a crib cover, manually operated; only a handful of babies suffocated due to the device malfunctioning, so church elders called it a resounding success. As for everyone else in town, the demonic space kitty infestation was tolerated, save for the frantic activity of the cats teleporting back and forth between infernal dimensions at 5-o-clock in the morning, something that was usually solved by leaving out some gooshyfood on people’s porches and window sills and roofs. The demonic space cats also ate everyone’s spiders, which was nice (except in August when everyone found the cats weren’t eating the mosquitoes) but overall the town accept its new madness-inducing mewling feature. Eventually, the chamber of commerce went on to boast the town was the #1 Demonic Space Cat Capital of the World, and that was certainly good for tourism.

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