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  • My Kid and I Made this List for Reasons I Can’t Remember (but We Must Have Been Hungry).

    Whole planet of spaghetti with spaghetti people with everything on it spaghetti. City of mustard with little hotdog people chasing cookies on legs. Hamburger with pigeons on it, cooing and pooping chocolate eggs. Pizza with doughnuts and chocolate chips. Snake pushing a lawnmower through a field of pizza to make pizza-aide. Little boy of fried…

  • A Note on Cosmic Horror

    Rather than xenophobia, I think, good cosmic horror and weird fiction practice something closer to exophobia–this fear of things outside human perception or outside what it means to be intrinsically people.

  • The Things in Ozymandias’ Shack

    Old toasters, broken Rolex watches, reclaimed pallets, Prada bags shredded by biting winds and hail storms, cracked cell phone casings, hamster cages, Ed Hardy shirts hung up on the walls like ancient scrolls, mardi gras beads, BMW hood ornaments, caviar jars (empty), shake weights, plastic hurricane glasses from that one trip to Vegas, Turkish rugs,…