Tag: weird fiction

  • A Room of Dusty Bones

    They found a hidden room in the abandoned old house: they didn’t own the house but they had to be there, workers who opened things up, replaced and fixed things. The house always was a sore thumb in the neighborhood, a strange castle, and everyone always thought bad things happened there—murders, madness, miscarriages—and they were…

  • A Bucket of Tiny Madnesses

    When you press them down, you hear their angry little squeals.

  • All her Killers

    They poked each other with their blades, spread their blood on the windows.

  • Crawling In, Crawling Out

    When she charmed worms out of the ground, she did so alone, with her wood rattler: a long stick carved with teeth, jammed deep into the earth, scraped so it sang like skeletons clattering.

  • We’re Being Eaten

    J– is studying at the kitchen table, pencil scribbling, lamp-lit, while the things slide in from the back yard. They slide out from holes we never noticed before (or maybe we always knew they were there, burrows with milk-gray wrinkled things inside, like overlarge moles, like leftovers we forgot about). J– needs to pass this…

  • The Pieces she Kept

    She plucked the shards out one by one and stashed them in a box under her bedroom floor.

  • It Only Played Piano

    It didn’t even weep ceaselessly. The ghost didn’t throw knives or stomp or bang on the walls. No one’s toes were nibbled.

  • We Got on the Wrong Bus

    A skeletal hand was left on the seat Charise wanted. When she poked it, it scrambled under her feet.

  • This Town has too Many Dark Festivals

    The rites have been described as highly uncomfortable.

  • This Old Hellhouse

    Maalphegor came with it’s own door-to-door salesmen; at the beginning, they looked a little like Bela Lugosi clones, but as the years wore on, the shadows in the salesmen’s faces deepened, a bit like Pazuzu from the Exorcist; then increasingly they began to look like Slender Men once Ralph and Edna’s children came of age.